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Fredy Velásquez Figueroa was born, grew up, and still works in the fields of Mallama (Nariño). He’s the voice that is heard from the distant jungles, mountains, towns and cities.  The message of his heart, of the conscience and the reason becomes tangible in his angelic voice that grows from the roots of our ancient race, seeking to create change in the messy reality of our time.  His voice carries all who listen higher to a place where the seeds of love borne with our hearts can be planted and made reality.

His voice is been heard from his home land to far european stages in which he´s left the rebellious song, the song of the good man from our native land, the latin american man.


Fredy had have contact with the traditions of the Siona, Inga, kamentzá, Yanacona and Awá indigenous communities from a very early age, he has been a helper and apprentice for Taitas of this communities working with the ancestral medicine for a long time as well as an intuitive sound healer.

He’s also the lead singer of “Grupo Putumayo”, a music ensemble founded in Valle de Sibundoy, Colombia. Their  music recreates the jungle tunes, Colombian winds and Andean music, clearly shows diverse musical influences that don’t separate from social commitment to their country and Latin American reality.

5 thoughts on “About Fredy

  1. querido y amado hermano, tu voz me conecta con el sentir mas divino en mi, gracias por tu hermosa voz y tus mensajes en las letras de las canciones, un abrazo y un beso. ciao

  2. A friend and I are interested in participating when you return to Florida. If you have avaibilty my name is Tina Louise Callaghan and his name is Carlos Rodriguez. Our friend Myra highly recommended your journeying experience. Thank you

  3. Boa noite, Fredy Velasquez !!!

    Tudo na vida é uma questão de conhecimento que vamos aprimorando
    com o tempo eh…
    E a sua música foi para mim um aprimorando ou um despertar da consciência.
    Que Deus nosso Pai te abençoe.
    Paulo Henrique

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