The AWAVÍ Project

Dear friends:

My name is Fredy Velásquez, I’m from Mallama, Nariño, in Colombia. This is a green land, with many rivers, a land of good people that’s been suffering as a result of the violent conflict. An area where all the indigenous communities have been seriously affected.

We have suffered from forced displacement due to the armed conflict that occurs. It’s a total shame that this keeps happening in such a beautiful land.

I have focused my life and I’m prepared to give it all to do whatever it takes to find a solution to this situation of violence in this area.

We have the natural resources, and a magical place that we can develop with whoever wants to listen and support my dream:


The AWAVÍ project:

AWAVÍ is the native language of the Awá people that has inhabit this land from the beginning of their times.

The project proposes:

  • Generate environmental and ecological awareness through educational activities, the recovery and preservation of the land in question.
  • Promote ecotourism through a unique experience with nature, providing camping areas, ecological walks, hikes, and kayaking.
  • Involve the community rescuing their cultural values and the ethnic importance of the Awá people.
  • The construction of a meeting place in which we can call for dialogue, where people can visit from everywhere in the world and feel connected to a community, in which we can find our roots once again, find our essence, in which the whole world can have access to the ancestral medicines that our mother earth offers (yagé, peyote, san pedro, ayawasca, pildé, tabaco, and swet lodge)

Help me make this dream a reality.

If you are interested or know someone who might be, please contact me.


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11 thoughts on “The AWAVÍ Project

    • Thank you Eric, I send you many blessings!
      It was wonderful to meet you and Ginelle. I will be sending you information about the Awavi project and what we are doing to have it be a reality very soon.

  1. Hola Fredy, soy un español que disfruta mucho con tus canciones y con las del Grupo Putumayo, incluso en alguna ocasión me fueron de gran ayuda en un momento delicado con el yaje. Creo q ayudando a los indígenas a mantener sus costumbres y su territorio se facilita la conservación de la Madre Tierra o Pachamama. Dime como puedo colaborar con tu proyecto. Recibe un fraternal abrazo y muchas gracias por la paz que nos das con tu maravillosa voz.

    • Gracias por tus palabras Javier, espero que el Dios nos permita conocernos pronto y que mucha más gente se interese en este hermoso proyecto para el que estoy dispuesto a dar mi vida entera.
      Por ahora lo importante es informar a la gente y tener una base de datos sobre los que estén interesados en colaborar de cualquier manera.
      Me comunicaré contigo via email, gracias de nuevo,

  2. This message is for Freddy. My name is Vanessa and my friend Natalie referred me to you. I am in my healing path and I am looking for support. She said she has a lot of love and respect for you. I would love to speak to you and see if in my condition La Abuelita maybe able to help. I like in NY. And Nati shared you are in town…it is not a coincidence that I she has shared this with me. I look forward to speaking to you. Have a great day.

    Love and light,

  3. Love your Dream.
    It is being mine as well
    Have some beautifull cultural antique items that can be used to form it
    lets talk soon,planing on joining the meditation on feb 8
    much Love and Light

  4. Quiero ayudar en este proyecto. Por lo pronto incorporo la poesía de Juan Ramírez Ruiz en mis cursos. El escribe en LAS ARMAS MOLIDAS de gente como los Awa.

  5. Fredy Velasquez,

    Solo quería agradecerle por la experiencia tan hermosa que mi esposa y yo vivimos el pasado viernes 15 de Febrero 2014 en Orlando, Florida. Su hermosa música y el desempeño tan profesional de sus asistentes crearon un ambiente propício y muy hermoso. La limpieza y el sanamiento del Yahé ha hecho un trabajo increíble en nuestras vidas.

    Gracias Maestro


  6. So wonderful to have met u in Tarrytown.please keep in touch.I admire your dedication to our Mother & your ancestors .would love to help let me know me when u can.

  7. olá Fredy, meu nome é Emerson moro em São Paulo Brasil, aprecio muito suas canções ainda mais nas reunioes com yagé. gostaria de participar de uma cerimonia contigo e visitar este projeto. aguardo resposta. gracias

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